Sean Cheetham: portrait live and in one session

It's hard to believe - once in order to draw a portrait of a beloved woman, your own or children's had to go to the studio to an artist, or to pose at home - he himself made visits with all his props. And the people decorously sat down in front of the easel, took the prescribed position and tried not to move - well, as they could, of course. Sometimes we sat like that for hours ...

Today the presence of a photoshop, camera, photo-realism and some other "photo" has sent this amazing tradition of creating portraits by the summer. And so it would be if a new star, Sean Cheetham, did not shine on the creative horizon of modern art. He completely devoted himself to the old technique, he has enough customers, only introduced one unique innovation: he paints a portrait during one single session, that is, it is not necessary to come a second time.




All works are created only in oil, and its balloon is very deep and saturated Michael Cheval art for sale - so the artist manages to catch subtle nuances and recreate the technique of old masters. Most often his friends become friends, more often his own wife, and all the images immediately bribe their honesty and frankness. Sean Cheetham has repeatedly participated in many solo exhibitions. Currently, he lives and teaches painting in one of the art schools in Los Angeles Vladimir Kush art for sale, but the main thing in his life considers portraits created "in one sitting."