Some paintings in the Louvre Louve, Paris


In fact, I do not really like visiting a museum person. There are many museums to me is really boring , even if he really wants to pretend seriously , as he is a very motivated person with intellectual curiosity , but also to the cost of tickets to force himself to see more , but after an hour or two later you will find yourself at the museum want to see eye to find that not a museum where the exhibits , but it is the export indicator , hearts always kind of urge to escape. Because it is clear that he is a man so do not make progress , so every city museum will be pretending to see , but will also underestimate the kids do not understand the grounds escaped Museum. However, the Louvre in Paris is one I find most interesting museum , not only do I take the kids stayed there for a whole day , or even the whole of Paris think this is a place worth visiting , should have the opportunity to go again .


France Louvre Why can attract my attention , so I think it is interesting to visit here ? Because art treasures collected by the Louvre is really too much. Louvre in ancient times not only Western art treasures , even Greece, ancient Egypt, Islam sculptures all have . We spent the whole day Louvre whole , even if it 's worth all the non-stop exhibition hall . Louvre painting department in a large , divided into several exhibition . Even though I have nothing against art research, but here I did see a lot of the reason I often see in newspapers and magazines have some of the paintings . I was really surprised , why so many world famous works are all included in the Louvre ?


Because the Louvre palace used to be the king of France , so this museum is very luxurious and tasteful . Various exhibition rooms large and ornate , some people have a comfortable sofa to sit down Shang Hua . And there is a special guide within the Louvre to provide interpretation services description so that visitors to these works of art can have a deeper knowledge and understanding.


So comfortable to sit on the sofa Shang Hua is really great, even sitting here just want to take the opportunity to doze grounds , which also is very temperament choice.


In some , there are a lot of painters exhibition at the scene copying these classic works of art. Whether they going to have their own art conservation , do not know if I understand it or not they going to see a lot of onlookers who were there to give lessons . I think he painted is really great, this is my copy of his paintings to the concluding comments .





Italian painting exhibition is always crammed full of people, because there are Italian Leonardo da Vinci 's Mona Lisa . Leonardo da Vinci 's famous painting represents , and in this the Louvre where there are six .


This painting will always have a bunch of people in front of onlookers . All French people , regardless of size will all be watching this piece of the French Revolution -themed painting . Because too many people, so it took a sidelong beside it a phase , I feel better than nothing !




Louvre , there are many very large paintings.  Franz Marc Paintings figures are also many, many of the arts , there is the study of religion , they would spend a lot of time researching some very small details , mutual discussion . Of course , there are also a lot of French local students have come here to see the paintings reports. There is a small primary school teacher note describes the characteristics of this painting , teaching them how to appreciate . University students can express their own ideas and exchange views with each other . I saw some students even put paint inside a very small details are described in their report there , which means that they really come here to read these carefully painted ! I think that if kids if we can look at these small paintings can often grow up on their future ability to appreciate art will surely unsurpassed !


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