Wood - a yellow-scarlet flowers and blue sky up ....






A forest is preparing for bed


After August heat exhausted -

Hiding in the fog,

As before the sun in the blue

Nail vkolocheno,

Yes only soon sentyabrёm

Soul cry.


Everything thinner filaments of cobwebs

In the dew zhemchuzhenu,

All the thick bitter redness

Through the leaves of rowan,

I'm tired of the long winters

There zavyuzhennoy,

Where the celestial void

Taste plasticine ...






And the forest will drink the silence

And damp freshness

Winds will tiptoe

In foliar respiration

And to me at least once with you

Past tenderness

Come here, where we are waiting for so

From the day of farewell.


Find shelter tracks

Under leaf fall,

And the first frost to melt


Yes, that winter, when there are you ...?

And much to you? -

At least once a lifetime to live

In this moment ...


Take with watercolor

And thin brush -

Wood - a yellow-scarlet color,

And the sky - blue up ...

Let sweep up after snowstorm

All colors of ringing,

But until November

You - in the autumn.



? Copyright: Nick dreamlike-2007

Certificate publication №1708240667



oil paintings reproductions 







@ Photographer Rimantas Bikulcius

by Marcia Baldwin paintings

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