Dance of Life Tony Pavone.

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I love to dance with itself ...

When I hear the fast rhythm of the dance,

Me immediately boils in the veins of blood.

And I hasten to give him soon ...


When I dance, I forget about everything.

There is only my music, I listen to it.

The flow of emotions, energy abounds,

And the range of feelings overwhelms the soul ...


I immerse myself in the music - the world is mine ...

I captured the rhythm of the dance, they live.

I feel his whole body and soul.

It beats my dream life and reality.


Dance moves - it's life rhythm.

Exposed all the senses to the limit.

Mixed all in a single cocktail,

And I drink it with every fiber of the body.


I love this quick dance rhythm.

It can throw out all the senses.

A dance rhythm as life eternal rhythm,

Live it, is really an art ...


                                      Dance I struggle, suffering, dance ...

It life passion, desire and pain.

But my feelings no one really does not disappoint,

I carefully kept in mind my love.


I burn in the rhythm of the dance in the fire of love,

And the peace of my soul, blooms again ...

When I dance, I live in a magical dream.

Myself happy and loved imagine.


I like the fast rhythm of the dance ...

He is similar in all of our life.

Until the fire in my blood does not go out,

It gives me the joy, happiness ...


I will dance, while there are forces ...

As long as I live, I do not get tired of loving life.

I do not tire her dance rhythms ...

Me these feelings, emotions do not forget.


Dancing madly want as before ...

I'm losing my mind from the cherished desire ...

I hear music in the heart of hope,

And I'm drunk from it, forgetting suffering.


Rhythm speeds up and I need the time,

Find yourself in the music and in life ...

I love life and I do not want to get tired,

For years, dance my dance life ...


I create my dance - his life ...

Will not prevent me to do it more.

I decide myself what I want and what I like.

The mistress of his fate will again ...

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