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Oh, just used the fire of those eyes kiss
I am a thousand times not tired to be desired.
Always immerse my lips in their light -
In one kiss would have passed a hundred years.
But is the soul weary, loving.
All clung to you, to kiss you,
Nothing could b lips on lips tear:
We all used kissed again and again;
And let not the number of kisses,
As grain in the field, where the harvest is sung.
And the thought of separation is not worth the trouble:
How Can I change it? Never, never.
(George (Lord) Byron - "Imitation of Catullus")


Thomas Cooper Gotch (eng. Thomas Cooper Gotch, b. 10 December 1854 Kettering - d. May 1, 1931 Newlyn, Cornwall) - English painter - postimpressionist, Symbolist and Pre-Raphaelite, known representative Nyulinskoy school of painting.


TK Gotch was born into a wealthy family. After high school, worked for some time in a shoe shop of his father. In 1876 he entered the Art School Herterli. In 1877, studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1878 - London's Slade School of Fine Arts, where he met with the artist Henry Scott Tuck, who became a lifelong friend Gotcha, as well as his future wife, Caroline Yates Bourland. In 1881, Thomas and Caroline married in the Church of St. Peter in the town of Newlyn, Cornwall, who visited before, and then come to Paris and arrive there at the Académie Julian. In 1882 in Paris Gotch born daughter; shortly afterwards they leave to Australia and some time living in Melbourne.


After returning to England T.Gotch opposed conservative traditions of the Royal Academy of Arts, and in 1885, along with John S.Sardzhentom, Stanhope Forbes and Frank Bramley, participates in the creation of the New English Art Club. In 1887 the family moved to Newlyn Gotch, where he again meets with Henry Tuke, and where Walter Langley and Samuel D.Bёrch organize a colony of artists (Nyulinskaya school). Gotcha here helps in creating Newlyn Art Gallery, where the members of the colony can exhibit their work. During this period of creativity Gotcha wrote numerous landscapes, especially in the realistic and postimpressionist styles.


In the years 1891-1892 the artist with his wife made a long trip to Florence. This stay at home art of the Renaissance greatly influenced the creative views Gotcha and orient them in the direction of the Pre-Raphaelite paintings and symbolism and romanticism. First, the dramatic turnaround came upon a misunderstanding in the artistic environment. Change in the mood of criticism came in 1894, when one of the artist's work was highlighted in The Times, and new paintings TK Gotcha style Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist universally recognized. At the turn of XIX-XX centuries Gotch became one of the most famous artists of England, his paintings are purchased by many museums and galleries. The artist paints portraits (bringing him the most revenue), landscapes, illustrated books. In 1911, in Newcastle held a retrospective exhibition of works by TK Gotcha. In the 20 - 30 years of the twentieth century in his work, he increasingly returns to realistic painting.










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