Artist Alexey Lashkevich

The world of the artist Alexei Lashkevich

Picking up a brush, the artist creates his own unique world, sometimes bright and colorful, sometimes dull and sad, and depending on his attitude he can be real or fabulous, fantastic Jose Luis Cuevas art for sale

or magical. Alexei Lashkevich created his own special world, in which it is sunny and warm, on its canvases there is always good weather. He depicts his heroines in the bright rays of sunlight, surrounded by flowers, whether in the garden, or in the park. These flowers create a unique aroma, which impregnated the air. A lot of beautiful details, beautiful young women, sculpture, flowers and greenery give the paintings of the artist a special flavor. And of course, a holiday of life is not possible without music. He often depicts musical instruments and musicians. His heroes then swirl in a waltz, then slowly march in a minuet, then freeze in beautiful poses to the sounds of passionate tango. Such is the world of the artist Alexei Lashkevich, in which organically combined beautiful nature, youth and beauty of women and music.

Artist Alexey Lashkevich

The artist was born in 1964 in the city of Leningrad. He studied at the art school, and then at the Academy of Fine Arts (he graduated with a red diploma).

After the Academy, Alexei worked for some time in Alaska. There, and passed the first exhibition of the artist. Today the artist is well known and his works are in many museums and private collections.

The artist lives and works in the city of St. Petersburg.

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