Victor Vasnetsov: painting of the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev

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Victor Vasnetsov: painting of the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev

There is no holier and more fruitful work for a Russian artist in Russia, like the decoration of a temple

"... I undertake to work with my assistants and from my benign materials within two years from the date of signing this condition," it was stated in the contract signed by Vasnetsov. But the work has stretched for as long as 11 years. When Vasnetsov introduced Prahov his sketches of the altarpiece of the Mother of God, he extracted and showed to the artist a sketch of the image that had appeared on the plaster. Prakhov himself told how Vasnetsov was struck by the exact coincidence of both images of the image of the Mother of God. For a few minutes he lost his speech, later he said: "It was God's order." For two years Vasnetsov left only for the central figure of the Virgin. It is easy and unhurried to meet the audience. The Queen of Heaven bears the sinf Martin Beaupré art for sale

ul world of her Son. Her big, full of sadness and love, brown eyes gently look at the viewer. Extraordinarily beautiful is her pale face, illuminated with inner light. The traditional image of the Virgin received under Vasnetsov's brush an original and peculiar interpretation. This image has since been called "Vasnetsovskaya Our Lady". Viktor Mikhailovich considered this work to be the main thing of his life. "... The eyes of all the figures of Vasnetsov - the traditional eyes of Byzantine iconography - are exaggeratedly large, all of the same cut, the same color. The solid blackness of coloring makes them bottomless and allows the imagination to inhabit their depths with all shades of mystical feelings, "- notes one of the researchers painting the cathedral.

Upon completion of the work, Viktor Mikhailovich uttered a sacramental phrase: "I put a candle to God."

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