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"Your pipe was singing over a quiet world ..."

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"Your pipe was singing over a quiet world ..."

Anna Akhmatova

& lt; FK. Sologub & gt;
Your pipe was singing over a qu Dorothea Tanning paintings

iet world,
And the voice of death secretly echoed to her,
And I, weak-willed, languished and drunk
From the sweet cruelty of yours.

& lt; March 16, 1912. Tsarskoe Selo & gt;

 Fedor Sologub
   "Anna Akhmatova"
   Everything is fine under our sky,
And the stones of the mountains, and the fields of flowers,
And the eternal, fair Phoebe
Again caressed, You,

And this is a gentle excitement,
As in the flame of the Sinai bush,
When the poem sounds -
The bee is over unsteady honey mouth.

And it seems that the heart will take
The pious wife
And graciously will move us,
Like a cup of drunk wine.
& lt; March 22, 1917 & gt;

Fedor Kuzmich Sologub (Teternikov, 1863-1927) was familiar with Akhmatova for a long time, literary life regularly reduced them, and the poem recorded in the Akhmatova's album sounds not just as a belated response to Akhmatova's lines that adorn the Sologub's copy of "Evening" ("Your pipe over quiet sang the world ... "), but also as a result of his attitude to the poetry of Akhmatova.

 Portrait of Fyodor Sologub in the work of Boris Kustodiev. 1907

The portrait was commissioned by Ryabushinsky in 1907, on this occasion he wrote to Sologub: "There will be a request from you: let me draw a portrait of you to the artist Kustodiyev, who has already expressed his consent and will come to you the other day. This is the continuation of the gallery I am printing; Your portrait will be placed simultaneously with the tragedy "The Gift of Wise Bees". It was planned to give a portrait in No. 2/3 of the Golden Fleece for 1907, but it was printed later in No. 11/12 of the journal.


Pancakes with meat "Original"

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Pancakes with meat "Original" - something in between a cheburek and a schnitzel.

Bright, juicy, incredibly tasty and mouth-watering dish. Cook and collect admiration and praise from guests and households.

It is necessary:
Thin pancakes
Chopped meat
Onion 1/3 - 1/4 of the stuffing volume
Eggs for dipping
Butter for frying
Bake thin pancakes for a reliable recipe.
Prepare forcemeat. It can be from meat or poultry.
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minced meat depends on the number of pancakes. I will give the general rules: forcemeat should not be dry, so add a little water, onions need to put about 1/3 - 1/4 part by meat volume. Bow is better not to cut, but rubbed on a coarse grater or chopped into a processor. Be sure to salt properly. Nedosol is undesirable.
Mix all components of the stuffing until smooth.
Picking pancakes.
Cut the pancakes into two halves. Turn the fried side up and put the filling on it.
We put the stuffing, forming a triangle from it. We'll screw the pancake. The seam should be in seredinke.Obmaknem pancake in a stirred raw egg. We fry in vegetable oil on a small fire.
Pancakes are well fried, though minced and raw. Also, as he manages to prepare in dumplings, chebureks and belyashas. Only fire should not be strong.
Bon Appetit!