Do not shopping in uggaustralia.com

I bought a pair of shoes on this website in uggaustralia.com 105 $
Although he write to live "free shipping.free returns, always"
But he wanted me to pay 50 $ freight and say it the ups
General freight only 25 $,
and then
They have been not to ship
Until I went to urge them fat
They shipments in customs, UPS, give me a phone
UPS say, it is must be 70 $ TAX,
i ask why,
UPS tell me i use 100 $,
i am very angry
Mail me back, the website each other simply does not reply to me
I can only say,
Later Do not go uggaustraila.com the buy things, otherwise you additional money than you buy something twice as expensive, might as well buy the other, such as: tory burch outlet

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