State Secretary of Catherine II Grigory Teplov


Warm N. Gregory



It is known that at the time of the Russian Empress Catherine II did many amazing career. Some - because of its physical data and courage, others much sought his intellect (of course, if the word was not used), and others became known for their talents in various fields of human activity.


State Secretary of Catherine II Grigory Teplov, the son of a palace stoker (which at that time, perhaps, and was a good starting point), potentially possessed many talents. In many ways he himself realized. No wonder he was such an important post, and was an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, an honorary member of the two Academies of Sciences - St. Petersburg and Madrid. However, hitting from commoner to riches, G. Teplov, judging from indirect data, knew his worth and not particularly bothered work up a sweat in any supportive to him spheres.


Recall that in the fine art of "dodge" means clever forgery - a joke, we mentioned art "hornblende". It is they and the famous painting GN Heat. Naturally, to genius is far away, but to try to deceive the human artistic skill was needed. And considerable. Apparently, the painting technique the artist possessed in full measure. We can only appreciate the talent GN The heat on his two-l'oeil paintings.


Still life. 1737





Still life with musical notes and a parrot. 1737


Changing times, changing and the fashion for painting. At the time, came into vogue "snag". In principle, nothing brilliant in this genre is not, but specific skills and a keen eye are essential, because very often "snag" is so resembled the original, that it wanted to touch it.


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