Odilon Redon

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Birth Name: Redon
Name: Bertrand, said Odilon
Artist name: Odilon Redon
Date of birth: April 20, 1840
Place of birth: France, Bordeaux (Aquitaine), 24, Neuve-Saint-Seurin Street (now 31, rue Fernand Marino)
French nationality
Profession: Artist symbolist painter. He excels in the art of drawing (charcoal), lithography, pastels, and painting.
His signature :

family side

1840 While his parents come back from Louisiana (United States of America) Bertrand Redon, Odilon said, was born April 20, 1840, in Bordeaux, the family cradle. It is the second in a family of five children. He has a brother, Ernest Redon, four years his elder, a sister, Marie Redon, and two little brothers, Leo and Gaston, his younger 4 years, 10 and 12 years. Frail, Odilon is put to nurse at the winery of Peyrelebade (near Bordeaux) bought by his father when he was still in Louisiana. Odilon spent his childhood and Peyrelebade Bordeaux where he lives with his uncle. In this campaign located in the Médoc, near the Landes, he certainly spends a lot of time dreaming, watching the clouds go by and observe nature. His life is serene and religious; his parents took him on a pilgrimage to the basilica of Verdelais (southeast of Bordeaux) to cure his epilepsy (nerve disease), Healing happens in 1850.

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