Alfred Sisley A Path in Louveciennes Oil Painting

The downside is that the composition fails, because the copy is a vertical version, ignoring the horizontal proportions


This painting is a lot of good friends love, visible taste is more important than the foundation



Feeling bad, free to do this, so chaos must be original, express my feelings


Copy of the Morandi, I like his color, his style, painting should be like this, like a painting


With a scraper, or concise, if the backdrop is gray, framed it would be great, it was original



Or that style, really I like, about 6 hours to draw



I refuse to portray, because the foundation is not easy, easy to paint ugly, charm can not draw, but this silhouette or will be able to see, original

Alfred Sisley A Path in Louveciennes Oil Painting




New Year's Day painting, or small format, 20 square side

Less than a month, painted eight paintings, and occasionally idle to paint, only a failed, copy of the Impressionist, half-way can not go on, with the canvas is not the main brush strokes will not be used, although I like Monet, but he does not paint for the time being

Take the eighth and the first comparison, the progress is not very obvious, so I want to say anything, the oil painting is not so hard to think, on the contrary, it is very simple entry, simple than Chinese painting, even without painting skills, as long as your taste Better, to judge their own ability to reasonable, choose to copy the object suitable for the painting, it is easy to draw to hang up hanging on the wall works, each painting I will be sent to the social platform, friends circle a few unfamiliar people Want to buy my paintings, although I did not sell, but very happy to be grateful, this is my greatest encouragement, of course, good friends about more painting, and then over time will meet the individual friends.
In short, this self-painting to give me a lot of harvest, it makes me quiet down, but also expressed some of my emotions, let me temporarily ignore other things, only in the painting, painting and reading as you calm things, I Still continue

by Alfred Sisley

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