Joseph Mallord William Turner paintings

Background, before a few years of sketch color experience. Also did not come into contact with the oil painting, but always wanted to draw, but because the material is so expensive. Probably, no more touch painting for a couple of years. Later, because the course arranged for the oil painting class, but the school is only to make the course and arranged, so the teacher with the nature, students also with the sex. But the painting or asked to buy, two students to buy a set. Pigments only bought: crimson, Ma Si gray, titanium white, yellow, orange, ultramarine, Payne gray, green, red, a total of nine kinds.
And then began to class, that is the class, in fact, let us choose a painting their own copy, a week also painted two hours. At that time I copied the picture of Joseph Marold William Turner.
This one


Feeling a lot of things. The teacher said the landscape is better painting, only let us choose the landscape painting, but I took the book inside, and only this picture is better.
In the first day began to draw, people are quite homogeneous, to the next day the third day only five or six students, in the painting. At that time the teacher is no matter not come, as long as the end of the three oil paintings on the OK. At that time I still do not want to spend extra money, but also want to draw their own, when 8:20 class, I go to the first seven o'clock to get ready to work. I remember once, the teacher has been looking at me earlier than him, he even asked me, is not insomnia. I was on the black question mark.
In this way, a semester passed, I copy this picture, really, before and after painting time together, this picture, also painted more than two days. Still can not be painted complete.
But I also want to have a good painting since then as a hobby. Do not say good or bad, it will eventually make me calm down.
It is a bit more, to write this is actually want to record the first painting of the mentality of painting.
This is the copy of the year.


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