Nikas Safronov: the wreath of contradictions

Self-portrait in the suit of Captain Blood.

Nikas Safronov - one of the most famous contemporary artists, already in life deserved recognition all over the world.
Portraits of Safronov's brush are from Madonna, Sophia Loren, Pierre Cardin, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Montserrat Caballe and many other world stars, not to mention Russian celebrities.



Portrait of the Madonna.

The creativity of Nikas Safronov, like himself, is a real tangle of contradictions.
His paintings are permeated with the spirit of history, but at the same time written using modern technology.
The artist's works are exhibited in galleries around the world, but at the same time anyone can order his portrait from him.
Active secular life intertwines with Nikas Safronov with spiritual life, and it's no less important to communicate with a disabled child for him than to meet with the world star.
About inspiration, creativity and art will be discussed in this interview.


Adam and Eve or Spring in Paradise.

- How do you think the formula of creativity? What are the components of success and recognition of people of creative professions?
- The formula of creativity: mastery through inspiration, which includes a mystery or mystery through drawing, color and image, where the author's individuality is important. Examples include El Greco, Rembrandt, Brueghel, Impressionists, such as Monet, Vag Gog or Modigliani and Degas. In modern art it's difficult to say your individual word, but when it works out, it can be Picasso, Chagall, Dali or Andy Warhol.



Sleep of a cloud.

- Art is eternal. But its forms are changeable. How do you feel about the opportunities that modern digital technologies provide? Is it possible with their help to create true works of art?

- Everything changes in this world, and art too. There is the art of theater and the cinema that arose later, which can also be attributed to art, but of a different plan. Many forms of creativity arise on the basis of the old. Today, literature is presented already through a computer, where you can slightly touch the screen with your finger, and the pages visually turn over. But this does not mean that someone canceled the book. Book production continues to develop. This is the quality of paper, and the internal and external design. The same in painting. New canvases and paints, such as acrylic.


Philosophical perception of two values, not including the Tower of Babel.

- Painting - materialized with the help of canvas, paints, brushes - thought and state of mind. Is it possible for such a unity of the master and the means to achieve a similar result when the artists use digital technologies?

- Yes, today you can transfer a graphic, color image through a computer. And this, too, can be interesting. As an example, one can cite the work of the remarkable artist Konstantin Khudyakov, who, unfortunately, refused oil painting and pencil drawing, but he achieved high results in the field of computer painting. But this is more of an exception. Still, real creativity is a movement of the hand of the master on paper, canvas or other material, in which there is energy of the smear and the artist's breathing. Such works can even be treated, the viewer can enjoy the scent of colors, live energy, not transmitted virtually, but with a tangible eye and even a hand, to feel the direction of the author's smear. Let us recall at least primitive rock carvings: you look at them, and you are breathtaking from the fact that you are in touch with the history of the birth of art. Only that truly can be real creativity, which is created by the hand of the Master. No computer technology can replace canvas and paint. Or a pencil and paper, where there is power of the author. For example, every driver in the car "Ferrari" leads it individually, but the car is just a product, released serially. There are exceptions, when the car is released in a single copy, but it is again designed by designers.



Theater in the female guise.

Through the computer can not transfer the energy of man, which is transmitted through the sacrament of creativity. Of course, it's possible to display the individuality on the display through graphicality, but it will still not be the same. It's like doing an operation through a computer, where there will be professionalism, but there will not be a soul, a surgeon's energy.


Theater of Eternity on the background of mountains.

- What is your inspiration? What finds the particularly strong response in your soul, making you take up the brush?

- Much. A beautiful or unusual landscape, interesting people, a memorable dream that requires expression on paper or on canvas. The art of old masters, good music, vivid memories of the past, and much more.


The peak of beauty.

- You are a person, on the one hand, creative, and on the other - a public one. What for you is participation in charitable actions and philanthropy?

- Every socially active person should understand that he is not alone in this world. And if he took place in his field and receives for his labor a monetary equivalent, then he simply has to think about that world



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